Best conditions for certifications

The quickest and most effective way to a certified management system is through a qualified consultancy company with pertinent experience. The Ebert HERA Esser Group creates the necessary prerequisites for its customers in a very short period of time – without changing developed or tried-and-tested operational structures. We can guide small and medium-sized companies quickly and cost-effectively to a certified QM system.

We minimise your financial risk because:

  • The consultation is provided at a predefined fixed price which is only payable after successful certification
  • The certified system is introduced within 2 months
  • The fee is only payable after successful certification
  • We offer a comprehensive solution by interconnecting systems
  • We check the eligibility of public funding for the consultation and apply for this

The initial introduction of a certified management system takes place in three phases:

Phase 1: Determination of the current status

Phase 2: Adjustment of the current status to the requirements of a

  • Quality management system (DIN EN ISO 9000)
  • Environment management system (DIN EN ISO 14000ff/EEC European Ecological Audit Directive)
  • Waste management facility (EfbV – German Waste Management Facility Directive)
  • Occupational safety management system (SCC)
  • Integrated management system in view of food hygiene (HACCP), automobile industry (QS 9000, VDA 6.1)

Phase 3: Certification

  • Verification of the certifiability of the QM system by a renowned certifier (e.g. TÜV-Cert certification centre)
  • Guidance of the company through the audit

We also compile all the necessary documentation for you.