Optimise plant availability

The Ebert HERA Esser Group offers professional inspection management for the chemical and petrochemical industry and power generation industry. With this range of services, safety, inspections and projects can be monitored at all times in relation to QSGU, costs, resources and deadlines. Shutdown times and plant availability are optimised, meaning downtime costs are considerably reduced.


The satisfaction of our customers is the focus of all our services. To this end, we use a competent team of experienced master craftsmen, technicians and engineers for every project. Our services include the complete and effective planning of deadlines and resources for projects and inspections. All services are available as modules: from the project and inspection coordination to work preparation and complex inspection planning and controlling. If required, the Ebert HERA Esser Group can also undertake inspections as a general contractor.


The innovative Alphadoc software is used for work preparation and documentation. Extensive documentation during the preparation of the project makes it possible to access job-related datasheets and tender documents in case of operational disruptions or long-term projects and inspections. We rely on Primavera for project management scheduling.