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You will find a highly-specialised partner for welding technology within the Ebert HERA Esser Group. With the knowledge of 13 specialist welding engineers, a multitude of welding technicians and welding specialists and our excellently trained welders, we fulfil the highest quality demands of our customers. We use our welding technology for metallic materials such as ferrite, austenite, heat-resistant metals, duplex steel and special materials. We can also process plastics, e.g. thermoplastics and duroplastics.


  • DIN EN-ISO 9001
  • Welding quality requirement EN 3843
  • QS Module G and DGRI 97/23/EEC
  • Manufacture of pressure equipment AD 2000, HPO, HP 100R and TRD201
  • DIN EN 1090 (formerly comprehensive qualification record)
  • SCC Safety, Health, Environmental Protection
  • Specialised company as per §19 German Water Act [Wasserschutzgesetz]
  • WPQ test
  • Welder and laminator examinations in accordance with DVS Guideline 2213


  • Orbital welding technology
  • Powder welding technology
  • MIG procedure
  • WIG procedure
  • Electrode procedure with the relevant approvals
  • Plastic joining technology in accordance with DVS Guideline 2212

Welding technology / Quality management

Bernd Schreiber (IWE)

Leitung Schweißwesen / QS

Mobil +49 170 7964646 


Stephan Slavik (IWE)

Leitende Schweißaufsicht Benelux

Mobil +49 173 5471171