Safely more success

Quality, safety and efficiency are equally important to us. Our customers benefit from this repeatedly: We guarantee flawless procedures and an economical way of working through an integrated management system for safety, health, environmental protection and quality. Your customers will notice this from the result and price, as good safety management reduces your liability risk for quality defects, error costs, rejects, occupational accidents and possible follow-on costs.


The highest level of occupational safety comes as standard for us. We focus on the SCC Safety Health and the Environment Checklist for Contractors, which places the maximum demands on occupational safety – in relation to all health and environmental protection aspects. We ensure through this that your safety, health and environment management system is certified.


According to EU regulations, a business owner must take the necessary measures for safety and environmental protection, including the prevention of work-related risks. A company must fulfil the specifications of EU guidelines. In addition, we inform and instruct organisations about operational environmental protection, environmentally-friendly ways of working and handling of resources.


Modern and efficient safety management is relevant for all companies, that provide specific technical services or work for a client. These contractors have a decisive influence on safety, health and environmental protection standards and, as such, the quality standards of their client – through their management and the performance of their employees. For you, as a service provider, an SGU management system can be crucial for convincing potential clients to choose you.