Optimise processes, increase performance

Competent quality management by the Ebert HERA Esser Group provides organisations and their customers with a guideline for improving performance. The principles of the international DIN EN ISO 9001 standard are used here – a guide for the introduction, application and improvement of in-house quality management. The focus of the international standard is the improvement of processes, and thus the effective increase of performance.


The introduction and design of a quality management system is influenced by a number of factors. Among other things, modified requirements, objectives, provided products and applied processes are decisive here. Other factors, such as the size and structure, the market served by the organisation, the operational processes and budget requirements are deciding factors in how the management system is applied.


The application of quality management principles makes an important contribution to cost and risk management. Expectations of customers can be determined and fulfilled, meaning competitive advantages can be achieved in an effective way. Turnover, profits and market shares can be increased, through management strength, optimised efficiency, improved performance of employees and the satisfaction of employees and customers.