Environmental protection as a factor of success

Environmental protection is more than just “greenwash” to us. Nowadays, active environmental protection is an important factor for success in regional and international competition. Consumers and the public pay particular attention to whether a product has been manufactured, distributed and used in an environmentally-friendly way. For this reason, active environmental protection characterises the image of your company in public. Ethical company management creates credibility and acceptance – both in public and in international competition. The Ebert HERA Esser Group can support you here as a reliable partner.


We will support you in developing, implementing, fulfilling and evaluating the environmental objectives of your company. We rely on environment management systems to fulfil the objectives stipulated in the international DIN EN ISO 14000 series of standards and the EEC Eco-Management and Audit Scheme. The dominant issue here is not the reaction to government requirements but the continual and comprehensive improvement of independent operational environmental protection.


A functioning environment management system is based on clear operational procedures and clear responsibilities, comprising the planning, organisation, methods, procedures, resources and processes.


A professional environment management system creates several advantages for a company against competitors: in the allocation of orders, through simpler authorisation procedures and through the simplification of official checks. Credibility in relation to state and private institutions is increased. The risk of operational disturbances and accidents is reduced and liability claims in the field of environment and production can be avoided. By optimising technical and organisational environment measures, enormous costs savings are also possible.