Quality increased, costs reduced

Pipe prefabrication begins with the Pipe-Fab pipe planning system. The relevant isometries are recorded here perfectly. The planning takes place and then the data is forwarded to one of our three CNC-controlled forming machines up to DN 100 DIN/ANSI.

This allows high-quality bending to be achieved. Our prefabrication sites are located in Marl and Ludwigshafen.


Using two different procedures, we obtain a high degree of automated welding seams: orbital welding and submerged arc welding. The advantages: the highest quality and reduction of costs.


Our prefabrication sites are located in Marl and Ludwigshafen. A variety of materials are processed here on two orbital welding machines and two submerged arc welding machines, together with WIG and MAG welding equipment. Both ferritic and austenitic materials, duplex steels and high-alloyed and heat-resistant steels are used here together with various plastics. Standard, high pressure and hydraulic pipework systems are produced.


  • BASF chamber
  • MAN Turbo emergency generator
  • BP Rotterdam CDU, 3 plants
  • Ruhr Oel, C1C2 consolidation
  • SASOL LAS plant