With the highest level of precision

In the field of assembly and dismantling of heavy and bulky plant equipment, the Ebert HERA Esser Group uses qualified teams with many years of experience. From individual consultation and planning to the implementation. Most important aim: the professional and safe installation of technical equipment such as containers, columns, machinery and factory equipment in a production plant.


Our specialists will support you in modifying and renovation or rebuilding plant equipment and production sites. With special competences in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry.


  • Individual planning, consultation and preparation by competent specialist teams
  • Assembly and dismantling of heavy and bulky plant equipment, plant components, machinery, containers, reactors
  • Transport to the installation site
  • Preparation for the final assembly
  • Provision of cranes, lifting equipment and special tools
  • Assembly, fixing and adjustment of machinery and equipment
  • Execution of or support during commissioning
  • Assembly of special equipment of all coating types: rubberised, enamelled and plastic-coated (PVC/PE/PP/PTFE etc.)
  • Documentation