For safe plant operation

The Ebert HERA Esser Group offers you extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the field of technical conveyor plant equipment, lifting equipment and elevator systems. With our extensive range of services for crane systems and lifting equipment, load carrying equipment and roller, sliding and folding doors, we always focus on the obligations of operators and operating regulations.


Disruptions to lifting equipment and cranes normally mean considerable downtimes for plant operators. To avoid production downtimes and plant shutdown or keep them to a minimum, our customers can contact us around the clock. As well as professional maintenance and repairs. we also offer support for renovations and modernisations together with the execution of inspections in accordance with BGV-D6 and BGV-D8 and the documentation and CE marking.


As well as the general conditions for working equipment, special regulations apply for load carrying equipment in relation to usage, inspection and maintenance. We are your competent partner for recurrent inspections, inspection tests, error diagnostics and troubleshooting. Our other services include technical consultation, the execution of inspections in accordance with VBG 9a, the creation of damage analysis, repair measures and the design and calculation of load carrying devices.


In the field of buildings and plant equipment, the safe and reliable operation of rolling, sliding and folding doors is an important component for plant availability and occupational safety. We carry out repair and maintenance measures and rectify any arising problems, even at short notice. Our range of services also includes the planning, procurement and assembly of new plant equipment, renovations and modernisation of old plant equipment, inspections in accordance with BGR 232 and the necessary documentation.