Our services at a glance

The challenge, as a service provider, of describing your range of services for each individual and specific customer, is no mean feat. Repeatedly and all too often, the attempt to correlate the plethora of our activities with the requirements of customers fails. The other way of first listening to the customer market and individual prospective clients and then putting together and communicating the relevant service packages is harder but more productive and successful. Nowadays, sales no longer means presenting yourself as a supplier to prospective customers. Instead, you must represent the customer and react to them.

We will take care of everything for our customers from the very beginning through to the successful completion of a project. In this way, the Ebert HERA Esser Group offers an extensive portfolio of industrial services. The spectrum ranges from consultation and planning, to certification, maintenance measures, quality management and plant documentation. As a result, we cover the entire value added chain for the operating and renovation phase in the life cycle of a plant. In doing so, we always offer you reliable, experienced and flexible partners and customised project solutions. Whether you need a complete project or partial services: everything from one single source.

  • Plant engineering, pipework and steel construction
  • Turnaround and facility management
  • Maintenance, transport and heavy installation
  • Electrical engineering, measuring and control technology
  • Quality, safety and environment management


  • Pipework design, CAD drawings including 3D
  • Isometry preparation
  • Preparation of parts lists
  • Documentation in accordance with the German Pressurised Container Regulations (Druckbehälterverordnung) for pipework
  • Procurement
  • Prefabrication with modern machinery such as orbital and submerged arc welding machinery, forming machines
  • Exclusively with certified welders
  • Pipework assembly
  • Work preparation for the prefabrication / assembly
  • Manufacture / assembly of steel construction and special supports
  • Inspection of final planning documents
  • Quality assurance


In the last ten years, the Ebert HERA Esser Group has carried out about 60 shutdowns, with up to 95,000 man hours. This includes projects for the following companies: BASF, ExxonMobil, BP, Lyondell, Total, Air Products & Chemicals, Evonik Industries, Shell, Sabic, Sasol.


Collection of machinery data with AlphaDocs:

  • On-site inspection and recording of actual condition
  • Experiences from previous shutdowns and daily maintenance for datasheets

Determination of the scope for the shutdown in question:

  • Determination of the work to be carried out with help from the production department and shutdown manager


  • On-schedule planning based on datasheets with Primavera + MS Project
  • Coordination in order to avoid risks


Coordination and execution of the following subsections:

  • Mechanics
  • Transport
  • Provision of cranes
  • Insulation
  • Scaffolding work
  • Welding
  • Non-destructive testing

Review – after the turnaround

  • Exchange of experience together with the customer after the shutdown
  • Possible changes are incorporated into the daily maintenance and the next shutdown