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Our experience is a safe bet

Safety in the workplace

One thing always has top priority for us when it comes to fulfilling all orders and customer requests: safety in all our work and the integrity of all our employees.

With the slogan “Our experience is a safe bet”, we get to the heart of this approach. Many years of experience, the highest specialist competence and a great deal of concentration and thoroughness in all projects animate our extensive safety concept.

Employees are faced with major pressures and physically challenging activities, especially when it comes to demanding industrial projects in the industries of petrochemistry, chemistry and mechanical engineering, as well as in refineries. For this reason, we attach great importance to maximising safety in the workplace through caution, planning and technical measures.

Be a Hero Say No !

With a newly started campaign for industrial safety, we further improve security at all sites. We say „NO!“ to dangers and risks for our employees. Each and every one of them can and must say „NO!“ as well, if risks are too high or appropriate safety measures are missing.

Safety first

WE SAY NO! … if schedules and cost requirements create too high a pressure.

Optimal Preparation

WE SAY NO! … if Last Minute Risk Analysis (LMRA) shows safety measures are not adequate.

Only with Work Permit

WE SAY NO! … if a clear and explicit work permit is missing for a task.

Only with the right Tools

WE SAY NO! … if needed equipment is not available to work safely and correctly.

Support Colleagues

WE SAY NO to lone fighters. We help and protect each other and support saying NO, if necessary.