Ebert HERA Esser Group increases plant equipment efficiently

Sasol (South African Synthetic Oil Limited), a transnational company in the oil and chemical industry has factories in ten countries on three continents. The largest Sasol site in Germany is located in the Chemiepark Marl in the Ruhrgebiet.


Sasol in Marl tasked the Ebert HERA Esser Group with the turnaround of a chemical plant. A pipework project to increase the plant efficiency was connected to this. The client, Sasol relied on the special knowledge of the Ebert HERA Esser Group for plant inspections and pipework construction.


Not also was it necessary to inspect all the components of the plant and make sure they were fit for operation over the coming years. The estimated time frame could not be exceeded either – because every hour of plant downtime means a drop in turnover of the operator. The client found the right partner and highly-qualified personnel in the Ebert HERA Esser Group to ensure the plant shutdown was as brief and efficient as possible. At the same time, it was possible to optimise the plant by incorporating high-quality pipework construction.


A total of five months was scheduled to carry out the multi-million Euro order to construct and prefabricate the pipework. The turnaround including integration of the pipes was to take 5 weeks. The Ebert HERA Esser Group team managed to complete the project according to schedule and hand the plant over to the satisfied client.