Knowledge of the Ebert HERA Esser Group in demand

The world’s largest BASF production site is located in Ludwigshafen am Rhein with premises of over ten square kilometres. About 2,000 buildings are located on the chemicals site. Aboveground pipes with a total length of 2,000 kilometres link the more than 200 production plants. And ensure short channels when transporting products and energy in the form of fuel gas and steam.


The Ebert HERA Esser Group received the order to construct an entire plant. The order also included the provision of containers, heat exchangers, pumps and piping together with the creation of process plans for the entire plant. The client, BASF SE relied on the special knowledge of the Ebert HERA Esser Group in welding technology, plant engineering and pipeline construction.


The assignment was completed in 6 months. The specialists of the Ebert HERA Esser Group installed about 10.5 km of pipes DN 15 to DN 200 with approx. 12,000 welded seams. They also installed the fittings, brackets and special supports. Steel, stainless steel (1.4541 and 1.4571), ST/PTFE and ST/enamel were used as materials. The work was charged in accordance with the standard service catalogue. During the project, the Ebert HERA Esser Group assumed responsibility for the assembly and coordination of technical procedures, HR planning and scheduling, the monitoring of the pipe assembly progress and customer consultation.


In 30,000 construction hours, a result of zero accidents could be recorded. Up to 55 workers were on-site for this job at peak times. The plant could be put into commission at the end without any defects and the order, which was worth millions, was successfully completed. The customer was impressed by the outstanding, accident-free performance of the team, “Thanks to the high commitment and personal motivation of all involved, it was possible to put the plant into operation on-time despite unfavourable circumstances.”