Specialist and methodological competence

Your satisfaction is our biggest aim for every project. The quality of a project’s execution is decisive for this. The Ebert HERA Esser Group supports its customers in all sectors with a large amount of expertise and methodological competence. As a group of companies, we have been able to acquire extensive and substantial industry knowledge as part of countless projects. Even customers with high safety requirements and documentation requirements are in good hands with us. It goes without saying that we also issue certificates of working standards and QM standards.

Our Strengths

The best of both worlds: the extensive service and industry competence of a diverse group of companies. And the cooperative commitment and reliability of a medium-sized traditional company.

We have the right specialists required for any assignment. We consolidate our specialist knowledge and work with all our divisions to ensure your success. More than 1,000 employees contribute to ensuring that orders are completed to your utmost satisfaction along the entire value added chain of industrial services.

We consider our customers to be our partners. Our claim is individual support and a minimised outlay of time and costs for our customers. This is possible due to flexible, efficient project teams and the rapid decision-making power of a well-developed group of companies.

To do justice to every industry with our range of services, we have a wide range of certifications. Among others, we have a nuclear power plant certification. Based on the KTA 1401 Standard, this means we fulfil the conditions for the planning, manufacture and assembly of piping for emergency diesel generators. The Ebert HERA Esser Group is one of only four industrial service providers in Europe with this certification.

We consider quality and safety to be very important, as certified by ISO 9001:2000 and SCC. This means we are able to record a zero accident rate among our employees in our companies.